Hiring Process

Our Step By Step Hiring Process 

1. Quick Application

Fill out a quick application on our website. 

2. Short Questionnaire

If your answers align with what we’re looking for you will receive an email with a link to another short questionnaire.  It will ask you for your references, when you would like to start and other details. 

3. Schedule a Phone Interview

Qualified applicants will then receive an email with a link to schedule a phone interview.

4. Schedule an In-Person Interview

If the phone interview goes well, we will schedule an in-person interview.

5. Screening Process

After an in-person interview we will call your references, run a background check and ask you to complete a drug test at a nearby facility.

6. Hired!

If the reference check, background check and drug test are completed without issue, then you are hired!

Brilliantly Clean
Business Hours:

Mon – Fri 9 am – 4 pm

Call or Text (253) 678-4868

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